What information we collect?

We collect and indefinitely store in our database the following data:

  • -Your email address

  • -Your Username

  • -Your gender

  • -Your IP address

  • -Your Paypal address (These will be provided by you as you signing up for the first time)

  • How do we use this information?

    Your Paypal address is required to make payments to you. You will be asked to provide it the first time you log in.

    We store your IP address, username and password in order to identify you. They act as your account on our website.

    Your gender helps us find more relevant offers, surveys and videos for You.

    Your email address is stored but it's only use when we send a confirmation email and,or when you press "Forgot password". We will *not* be sending out regular newsletter type emails! We only store your email address so that we can reach you when really needed.

    No disclosure policy

    We hereby declare that we will never sell, lease or give away the information we store about you to a third party.


    Our website uses cookies that help us identify and authenticate your account. Your account will logout after a certain amount of time for your security purposes.